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Painting Techniques

Illuminated Parchment

The first step in creating an illuminated parchment work, is choosing and preparing the parchment. Once the parchment is ready, a caligrapher writes the text. If the work needs to be Kosher, like a megillah, a Sofer Stam will write it. 

When the text and layout are complete, the parchment is ready to be illuminated.


Different kinds of painting materials are employed, depending on the desired outcome. We use water colors, gouache, and vibrant ink based colors. Gold colors are made from special gold powders, or gold leaf for a stronger look.


Many of our parchment works are also cut out gently by hand for added embellishment.

Painted Enamel

Painted enamel is created by fusing powdered glass onto a metal surface by means of a very high temperature.


Different minerals are added to create the various colors.

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