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Must See: $200,000 Haggada

Mar 25, 2017

A set of magnificent and incredibly detailed Haggada and seder-plate by Israeli artist Shuki Frieman are one-of-a-kind unique pieces you have never seen before.

The world wonder you didn’t know exists! The worlds largest and most beautiful Haggada and seder-plate. These most magnificent and incredibly detailed pieces are one-of-a-kind unique pieces you have never seen before…. All %100 handmade. Introduction Let us introduce you to the top Israeli artist, Shuki Frieman, whose illuminated art is displayed in museums and galleries world wide. Each piece that’s made is years of work, thought, imagination and creativity along with very artistic and skilled hands, making every detail no less than perfect and the overall finish splendid! These 2 art-pieces (seder plate & haggada) were hand-made by Shuki approximately 10 years ago and made as special order! It is the one and only one hagadda in the world! (will never be made again.) & is now for sale. Shuki spent a total of 6000 hours to complete each of these master pieces with all their detail. The Seder Plate -The seder plate is about 75 pounds of silver (!), -All handcrafted -Has 10 blue and white enamel pictures of the chad gadyu set in, all around the seder plate (the height). -The top of the plate has in its center a picture of the Aliya Lregel, and around that, the 12 mazalot (constellation) of the year also on the blue & white enamel - neatly in settings. -The outer part, on the top of the plate has 6 goats. (In the memory of the korban pesach) Every goat is holding a silver basket with an inner blue glass bowl for each of the things put on the plate. The Hagadda -The Hagadda is made of 90 parchment pages, -It has a hard leather marron & Sterling Silver cover and Garnet stones set in. The Hagadda comes in a box which is designed to exact match the Hagadda. (Same leather, Sterling silver & Garnet stones.) -Some of the pages are lazer cut look and some painted. All of course done by hand... -The hagadda is written with the same method as a sefer- torah using ink and feather. -Just by opening this Haggada, you feel all the emotions of the jews in Egypt and experience the happiness of freedom when the jews left Egypt. -The Haggada is very rich in detail and color. It has lots of symbolic elements like lion, birds and deer, it has lots of flowers, colors and life! It also has beautiful pictures of all parts of the Haggada story, each picture is a individual beautiful painting!

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